radix fc


The brainfpv radix flight controller. Full details here

Plug-and-play stacking on either radix pb or Hobbywing 4-in-1 ESC.

Checkout our setup guide/ documentation!

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The BrainFPV GPS uses the Global Positioning System to provide position information and altitude to your flight controller. This enables you to have GPS coordinates, altitude, and velocity (ground speed) in your OSD, as well as the use of "GPS Rescue Mode" in betaflight and autonomous fixed-wing modes, such as return-to-home, cruise, and loiter, in iNav.

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radix pb

The RADIX PB (power board). Full details here


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XRotor Micro 4-in-1 60A ESC 6S BLHeli_32

The Hobbywing XRotor Micro 4-in-1 60A ESC 6S BLHeli_32 is one of the highest performance and most reliable 4-in-1 ESCs on the market. It works perfectly with the BrainFPV RADIX FC!


Make sure to check out our awesome manual for more information on how to build your quad with this ESC and the RADIX FC!

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The brainfpv radix flight controller. Full details here


  • radix flight controller
  • Silicone anti-vibration grommets 4x
  • Cable for connecting radix fc to Hobbywing 4-in-1 ESC   Note: Cable is no longer included, as the HW 40A 4-in-1 has been discontinued. Use the cable included with the HW 45A 4-in-1 ESC
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