Customize Your OSD Logos

November 10, 2017By martinBetaflight, BrainRE1, News

SO YOU WANT TO CUSTOMIZE YOUR OSD? SAY WHAT?!   You heard us. Straight out of the NEW BrainFPV Headquarters comes a way for you to personalize your OSD. Create custom logos and share them with others with the click of a button.! Mic drop… THE DEETS: We all love customization, especially when it comes … Read More

The dRonin Quixote release is available

October 11, 2016By martinBrainRE1, dRonin, News

Less than 3 months after the “Samsara” release in July, the dRonin team has just released “Quixote” bringing many new features and enhancements. Here, we will go over the most relevant changes for RE1 owners and give information on how to update your RE1 to the new release. 1.  More Serial Ports The MultiPort now has … Read More

When can I get RE1?

May 12, 2016By jenniBrainRE1, News

We decided to split the last blog post into two. This will go over the current timeline so you know where we are at in terms of manufacturing, production, testing and shipping.So to answer your question:“When and where can I get a RE1?”, the answer is soon! As you can imagine, while the flight controller … Read More