Sale Terms:
The Purchaser, (“you”) understands that all sales from BrainFPV LLC (“BrainFPV”) are final and all merchandise are non-refundable. BrainFPV makes no warranty or representation, expressed or implied, about non-infringement, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose of its products (“The Product”). You acknowledge that you have determined that The Product will suitably meet the requirements of your intended use.

US Export Policies:
By accepting the terms and conditions, you certify that:

  1. You use The Product solely for recreational, civil, or educational activities, and that the items will not be used in weapons, for military purposes, or for other uses contrary to US law and US export law.
  2. You will not forward The Product to an end-user with intentions other than those described above.
  3. You will not forward The Product to any of the following countries: Afghanistan, Belarus, Burma, Central African Republic, Côte d’Ivoire, Cuba, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, North Korea, Russia, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Zimbabwe.
  4. You understand that we cannot declare items for less than their actual value on customs forms, or alter invoices to hide the contents of our shipments.

Return Policy:
The Product is fully tested prior to shipping, so the probability of manufacturing defects is very low. In the event The Product should exhibit a manufacturing defect that impedes the proper operation of The Product, returns can be accepted within 30 days of the sale. Note that defects to due improper handling (e.g. applying 12V to an input that is not rated for this voltage, improper soldering, etc.) and defects due to impact (“crashes”) are not covered by the Return Policy. All returns must be previously authorized by BrainFPV LLC. Returned products will be replaced by a new, or refurbished product, refunds are not possible.

Payment Terms:
You are responsible for additional state taxes and shipping charges. Currently, BrainFPV only accepts PayPal and Bitcoin as payment for orders. Payments are processed shortly after your order has been placed, prior to shipment. We reserve the right to request additional verification information for payments before shipping. You will receive an email confirmation once your payment has been processed.

Shipping Terms:
Once you place your order, we are unable to change that order. It is our goal to ship orders are soon as your order has been processed. In addition to an email confirmation, you will receive an additional email with a tracking number once we ship your order. For international orders, you are also responsible for any tariffs, taxes, fees, VAT, duties due upon receipt. You are responsible for filing any claims with carriers for damaged and/or lost shipments. Orders may end up being returned for various reasons including: non-payment of tariffs, incorrect address, unclaimed at post office, etc. If a package is returned or rejected, you will be contacted and you are responsible for re-shipment postage payment. BrainFPV is not responsible for damaged or lost packages at any time or under any circumstance.

Accuracy of Information on Website Terms:
We try to ensure that all of the information included on our website is accurate and up to date. Despite our best efforts in updating all information, we cannot make any guarantee complete accuracy of any information on our website. For example, products may be sold out or may hold a different price than listed on our website. We may make changes to information regarding price differences to our product on our website without notification. We reserve the right, without prior notification, to limit an order quantity and/or to refuse service to any purchaser. BrainFPV reserves the right to refuse or cancel an orders if a product is erroneously listed at an incorrect price. If a payment has already been made, it is to the discretion of BrainFPV whether they will issue a credit or refund in the amount of the incorrect price.

Safety and Damage Terms:
The Product is an advanced complex product and is not a toy. It must be operated with caution and a good judgment. You are responsible for your own safety. You are responsible to take adequate precautions by using the proper equipment and safety gear, and determining whether you have adequate skill and experience. The Product is not intended for use by children without direct adult supervision. BrainFPV, disclaims all responsibility for any resulting damage, injury, or expense. It is your responsibility to make sure that your activities comply with applicable laws. Always check the documentation on our website before you get started. Failure to properly install, maintain, or operate The Product in a safe and responsible manner could result in injury to yourself or others as well as damage to The Product or other property.

WARNING: The Product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects and other reproductive harm. Please wash hands after handling the Product and avoid inhalation of fumes when soldering. For more information, go to

Privacy Terms:
Your personal identifying information (ie, your phone number, order history, email, shipping and billing addresses) will be kept secure and private. Your personal information will only used to ship the products and contact you in case of an order or shipping issue. Unless required to do so by law, we will never sell or give any of your information to any third-party or send you any unsolicited advertisements.

Revisions to Terms and Conditions:
The Terms and Conditions may be revised at any time. Please make sure to visit this page to review the current Terms and Conditions.

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These Terms are governed by Oregon (USA) law (without regard to conflict of law principals).