Meet RE1-Baro: Barometer add-on for RE1

November 17, 2016By martinBrainRE1, General

Do you sometimes wonder how high you are? Everyone does, especially when flying FPV. This is why we created “RE1-Baro”, a barometer add-on for the BrainFPV RE1 flight controller. The add-on uses a barometer to measure the pressure of the ambient air, from which RE1 then calculates the altitude. When we created BrainFPV RE1, we designed … Read More

Welcome to the new BrainFPV!

May 5, 2016By martinBrainRE1, General

 “This is what it means to be using BrainFPV products; you will always be using the latest technology that will then be adopted throughout the industry (by which time we’ve already moved to the the next great thing).”