November 10, 2017By martinBetaflight, News, OSD

YOU CAN UPLOAD 2 DIFFERENT LOGOS:   Splash Screen Logo (TOP)  This logo is shown on startup and when arming your quad. It’s a great way to show your custom logo or team logo. You can create as many splash screen logos as you want and share them with others. Pilot Logo (BOTTOM) This is … Read More

Meet RE1-Baro: Barometer add-on for RE1

November 17, 2016By martinBrainRE1, General

Do you sometimes wonder how high you are? Everyone does, especially when flying FPV. This is why we created “RE1-Baro”, a barometer add-on for the BrainFPV RE1 flight controller. The add-on uses a barometer to measure the pressure of the ambient air, from which RE1 then calculates the altitude. When we created BrainFPV RE1, we designed … Read More

Betaflight on BrainFPV RE1

October 21, 2016By martinBetaflight, BrainRE1

  “Can I run Betaflight on RE1?”You guessed it. This is our most frequently asked question since we announced BrainFPV RE1, the most advanced drone racing flight controller ever created. RE1 has a full graphical On-Screen Display (OSD), a powerful STM32 F4 processor running at 180MHz, and superior sensors, giving it unparalleled flight performance. Until now, dRonin has … Read More

The dRonin Quixote release is available

October 11, 2016By martinBrainRE1, dRonin, News

Less than 3 months after the “Samsara” release in July, the dRonin team has just released “Quixote” bringing many new features and enhancements. Here, we will go over the most relevant changes for RE1 owners and give information on how to update your RE1 to the new release.

RE1 Feature: OSD based Video Transmitter Configuration

July 7, 2016By martinBrainRE1

Have you ever been annoyed by having to fiddle with dip-switches and buttons to configure your FPV video transmitter? We have. And it sucks. So we’ve added a new feature to BrainFPV RE1 that allows you to easily configure your FPV video transmitter through the on-screen display (OSD) menu with no fuss. This feature currently … Read More

Welcome to the new BrainFPV!

May 5, 2016By martinBrainRE1, General

 “This is what it means to be using BrainFPV products; you will always be using the latest technology that will then be adopted throughout the industry (by which time we’ve already moved to the the next great thing).”