The RADIX 2 is the latest generation flight controller by BrainFPV. It is the successor of the legendary RADIX flight controller and everything has been vastly improved. From a blazing fast H7 processor running at 480 MHz, an improved graphical OSD, a built-in voltage regulator that can handle up to 8S (35 V), to 8 motor outputs, driverless flashing, and more.

The RADIX 2 is designed to be compatible with any 4-in-1 motor controller (ESC) on the market. For octocopters, you can use the included 5-pin cable to connect a second 4-in-1 ESC for motors 5 to 8. All outputs fully support bi-directional DSHOT that enables the motor controllers to send back real-time telemetry that is used by the flight controller to perform adaptive RPM based noise filtering.

If you prefer to use a separate ESC for each motor, the companion product, the RADIX 2 Power Board (PB) got you covered. It is designed for serious power and can handle up to 8S (35 V) battery voltage and 160 A constant current (220 A burst). It also features an LC filter and voltage regulator for clean power to the flight controller and connected peripherals.

RADIX 2 Flight Controller Features

  • New Processor: STM32 H7 processor running at 480 MHz with 1 MB RAM
  • New Gyro: New Bosch Sensortec BMI270 gyro / accelerometer delivering superior flight performance
  • New Baro: Latest generation barometer accurate altitude readings. Either Bosch Sensortec BMP388 or Omron 2SMPB-02B (with hardware revision 1.2 released in 2022)
  • Better OSD: Improved full graphical on-screen-display (OSD) with gray levels and transparency
  • Dual camera input: Camera can be switched using a switch on the RC transmitter
  • VTX pit switch: to turn on/off the video transmitter. Voltage for VTX can be 5 V or the battery voltage.
    Note: The original RADIX 2 had over-current protection for the pit switch, which was removed in hardware revision 1.2 released in 2022.
  • 32 MByte built-in flash memory: 30 MByte available for logging and settings storage
  • Driverless flashing with the BrainFPV USB mass storage bootloader. Simply copy the firmware file to the flight controller when connected to your computer. No more messing with DFU drivers
  • RGB status LED with customizable color
  • 8 motor outputs: all supporting bi-directional DSHOT for RPM filtering. All outputs are available on connectors for easy connection of one or two 4-in-1 motor controllers (ESC’s).
  • 6 serial ports (UARTs): all with integrated inverters for S-BUS and other inverted protocols
  • I2C port for external sensors
  • RGB LED output
  • Buzzer output
  • Camera control output for configuring analog cameras
  • Analog RSSI input
  • 5 V regulator with 1.5 A output and up to 8S (35 V) input voltage
  • USB Type-C connector
  • Size: 37 x 37 mm (30.5 mm hole spacing)
  • Weight: 7g
  • Firmware support: Betaflight, iNav

Changes for RADIX 2 Revision 1.2 Released in 2022:

  • Improved barometer: Omron 2SMPB-02B
  • TVS diode (“spike protector”) to protect 5 V regulator from voltage spikes
  • Removed VTX pit switch over-current protection. Pit switch can supply up to 1.5 A
  • Made in Oregon, USA!

RADIX 2 Power Board Features

  • Plug-and-play with RADIX 2 flight controller using included 10-pin cable
  • Up to 8S (35 V) battery voltage support
  • Designed to handle 160 A (220 A burst) total current to motors
  • Integrated current sensor (current scale: 100, 10 mV / A)
  • Integrated LC filter for clean power to flight controller
  • Integrated 5 V / 2 A voltage regulator. Can be switched to 10 V for powering a camera or a digital FPV system
  • Size: 49 x 49 mm (30.5 mm hole spacing)
  • Weight: 15g